J.Crew Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is sold out, but here are some that are just as good!

I have a confession. I went outside my comfort zone on this wide-leg jumpsuit...

Usually, I stick to skinny-leg styles or straight-leg. The super wide leg had me doing a little leg dance in the mirror, which made me laugh at myself. I tried this wide-leg jumpsuit on several times, not quite sure. However, the more I tried it on, the more I fell in love.

blue and white striped wide leg jumpsuit

blue and white striped wide leg jumpsuit

Every time I put it on, I felt giddy. I didn’t so much care that it made me feel uncomfortable at first on the outside, because it made me feel confident on the inside.

Change can be good and I decided it was time to try something new.

The first time I wore the jumpsuit to school, my students remarked, “I like your dress!” “I like your skirt and top!” “I like your pants!” Smiling at them, I asked, “Is it?”Suddenly taking long strides so they could see it wasn’t a dress or a skirt. The reaction on their faces was priceless.

Wearing this jumpsuit was not only fun for me, but was a source of entertainment for my students. And, as a result, we all had a good laugh.

J.Crew wide leg jumpsuit

J.Crew wide leg jumpsuit

So, I challenge you to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Find something you normally wouldn’t wear and try it out. However, remember to make sure that whatever you try makes you feel confident on the inside, if it doesn’t, then don’t wear it!

Also, know that it takes time and a few wears to build self-confidence in something you wouldn't normally wear. It can be hard imagining ourselves in something we never thought we would wear. But, I bet you might find yourself pleasantly surprised if you try. 

Do you like trying on clothing that’s outside your comfort zone? What styles do you stick to? What would you like to try? Share in the comments below!

Unfortunately, my jumpsuit is no longer available. However, I’ve linked other wide leg jumpsuits I’m loving below. You can shop them and support Playing Dress Up All Day at the same time by clicking the images below!

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