Multiple Outfit Monday: Vacation Outfit With Vacay

Vacation Outfit

  Confession: I have the most DIFFICULT time packing for vacation and I am sure many of you can relate!  I always check the weather ahead of time, so I can make sure I pack temperature appropriate clothing, but that's not where I struggle. Where I have issue is how many outfits to pack. This is the conversation I have with myself as I pack: Do I need an outfit for brunch? Probably. Workout gear, check. A dress for daytime, a denim jacket for layering, jeans for night, a cute top, a sweater, or maybe my blazer or maybe that military vest I just bought. Ooh, and don't forget a pair of tennis shoes for workouts. Oh, and a pair of tennis shoes that are functional for walking around, but are cute. I need my gladiator sandals for the dress I am packing, or do I want my fringe sandals? Hmm, I guess both. Do I need a pair of heels? Probably not. But what if we do end up going out to a nice dinner or out on the town? Aggh!!! By the time I finish going through my mental checklist, my suitcase is overflowing to the point I need to sit on it to get it zipped AND I need an extra tote for ALL my shoes since I can never decide which ones to take. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety!


Luckily, I have discovered an online retailer who's mission is to make vacation outfit planning easy as 1, 2, 3.  Started by Elizabeth Hynes, Vacay is a one stop shop for all your vacation outfit needs. She creates 5-6 piece collections, which paired together make up to 14 different outfits. Each collection is designed in a way so every outfit can be paired with the SAME color shoe! This means you ONLY need to pack one, maybe two pairs of shoes and the 5-6 clothing pieces. Everything (including the shoes) fits in your suitcase! Can I get a hallelujah?! For my upcoming vacation, I wanted a top that would be lightweight and one that I could wear during the day or night. I chose this lace tank top from the Cabo Collection pictured above and I love it! The material is super soft, the fit flattering, and I can wear it so many different ways. Also, it does not wrinkle!!! All of Vacay's items are made so they won't wrinkle in your suitcase. Love, love, love! Ready to see how I plan on wearing this tank on my next vacation? Watch the video below! Then head over to Vacay to find your next vacation outfit and enter the code SC15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase! Where is your next vacation? Which pieces do you want to take with you? Leave a comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading and watching! xo, H