Sunny Days

sunny bright yellow tee  // stripe skirt ( similar  and would look good with yellow tee) //  denim jacket  // statement necklace ( similar ) //  clutch

sunny bright yellow tee // stripe skirt (similar and would look good with yellow tee) // denim jacket // statement necklace (similar) // clutch

sandals ( similar )

sandals (similar)


How many times a day are you asked the question, "How are you?" and you know you should give a sunny, cheery answer?! My go to response is always, "Great! Good! Okay!", which causes a conversation to go flat and sometimes you don't really want to share how your day is really going and burden someone with all the minute things that are bothering you that day.  To help students reflect on their day and feel comfortable doing so without having to go into specifics, I like to ask, "Was your day sunny, partly sunny or cloudy?"  It's a safe way for students to discuss how their day was.  Like all of us, sometimes our days are all sunny, sometimes cloudy.  Whenever I am having a cloudy day because I am tired or feeling unmotivated, I make sure to add a pop of color to my outfit to up my mood. This shirt comes in the perfect color to help brighten your day and yellow seems to be the color of the moment, so it's a win-win! Next time you feel like staying in bed, or putting on an outfit that will keep you under the radar, I challenge you to wear something bright to help change your outlook.  I promise, it works. What piece of clothing or accessory in your closet currently puts you in a sunny mood? Comment with it below! xo, H

photography by Bree Hendrick