Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Off the Shoulder Top

All items are sold out, but here are some other off the shoulder tops, jeans and a white button up I’m loving!

Have you ever found an off the shoulder top you love so much, but can't justify buying because you can't wear it to work? Well, I have a trick that will help make the off the shoulder top wearable not only on the weekends, but also to the office...

How to Wear an Off the Shoulder Top for Work

casual style, off the shoulder top

casual style, off the shoulder top

I saw this off the shoulder top during my recent excursion to Nordstrom. Fell in love, and really wanted to make it work for not only the weekends, but also for teaching. So, I decided to layer a top underneath to make it work appropriate. My thought process for making this top work ready... First, think about the colors in the shirt. For this off the shoulder top, I need a color that complements the navy, but also serves as a nice contrast. I also want to make sure that whatever I choose matches the bottom half. Otherwise, I might end up looking more like Tacky the Penguin rather than Audrey Hepburn. *Cringe* So, I chose a crisp white button-up long sleeve shirt. Also, the white button-up matches  the blue and white striped bottom. I experimented with several different options to make this layered look work. In my opinion, it looks best with the sleeves long, not rolled.

How to Layer the Off the Shoulder Top

  1. Put on the white button-up shirt.

  2. Button it up most of the way, leaving only the top 2 buttons undone.

  3. Grab the sleeve of the white button-up with your hand as you pull on the off the shoulder top, so your sleeve doesn't bunch up underneath. If this does happen, no worries! Luckily, with this shirt, it's easy to reach in and pull down the sleeve.

  4. Repeat step three with the other arm (I know, common sense, but the teacher in me wants to make it extra clear for you all!)

  5. Tug on the white button up until it lays smooth.

  6. Voila! You are ready to wear this top to work!


Some off the shoulder tops never stay on your shoulders and you constantly are tugging and adjusting. Luckily, not this one! The knitwear material is stretchy, making it snug, which helps it stay in place. I plan to wear this top a lot with denim, but it would also look cute with these white shorts. The top half is a slim-fitting knitwear, which hits right at the skinny part of the waist, making it ultra flattering. The crisp woven button down gives this off the shoulder top a classic touch. Like my personality, it's a perfect mix of business and playful. This top comes also comes in a black and white combo as well as a burgundy and white combo. You can also layer these options with a white button-up shirt as well. As much as I loved those color combos, I decided to stick with my favorite- navy and blue and white stripes. I know, I'm a little obsessed! You can also throw a leopard print jacket over for warmth or to create a cute, fashion-forward look. Overall, I really  believe I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this shirt and I am happy to find an off the shoulder top that is the perfect fit. Not too boxy, and not too tight, which is hard to find. I hope you like it as much as I do! Purchase it here!   P.S. All my Nordstrom Sale picks