Happy April Fools Day!

via Time (Don Holtz Photography)

April Fools has always been one of my favorite days of the year. Ever gullible, I fall for an April Fools prank every year. I'll never forget one early morning during my childhood, my mom excitedly telling me to hurry outside. Running out to meet her, she exclaimed, "Do you see that tropical bird?" I eagerly looked around. "Where? I don't see it." "Right there!" she replied. Quietly standing, looking up at the sky, through the branches of the magnolia tree, studying every leaf in hopes to see this tropical bird. Growing frustration bubbling inside of me, wanting to see this magnificent bird that she could so easily see and I could not. Realizing I couldn't see it, my mom directed me to look in the bush right in front of us. "Don't you see it? Right there! It's feathers are the most striking cobalt blue and fiery orange!" she exclaimed. All I saw were a bunch of flowers. Keeping my gaze steady and determined to find this tropical bird, I studied every section of the bush. As my investigation continued, my mom began to chuckle. I looked at her dumbfounded. Why was she laughing? Then, with the largest grin, she proudly said, "See, right there! A Bird of Paradise!" In that moment, I imagine I turned the same shade of pink as the flower as my mom announced, "Happy April Fools Day!!!" Like I said...gullible... Do you have a favorite April Fools memory? Have you played an April Fools prank on someone? Would love to hear your stories in the comments below! And without further ado, my favorite April Fools 2017 prank. I actually really want one of these! xo, H