About Heather

If you love dressing-up, exuding confidence and being comfortable in your own skin, you'll feel right at home here! The goal of my style blog is to provide you with every day style inspiration and help you navigate through all areas of life one outfit at a time. As a teacher, it's in my nature to help everyone be the best they can be, and I want you to feel confident and comfortable in your everyday style and have it really speak to you!

How I fell in love with fashion:

  • The time my mom handed me my first sketchbook and the first thing I drew was a girl in a dress. 

  • Playing dress-up in my mom and aunt's closets became a favorite pastime. Asking them if I could "borrow" their 70's flares and cashmere sweaters. I rocked the knee-high socks and short skirts a la Britney Spears and always tried to be the first to wear a trend at school. 

  • At age 16, strolling through Nordstrom in San Francisco, I laid eyes on a pair of velvet Prada platforms. It was in this moment that I truly fell in love with fashion. 

Photo by  Kelly Sweda

Photo by Kelly Sweda

Thoughts on fashion:

  • Although dressing up is fun, some days you just need to put your sweats on and pick up a good book or binge watch Netflix.

  • A good outfit that makes you feel confident can change your entire outlook. 

  • I gravitate towards a minimalist, classic style, but I still love throwing in a "trend of the moment" to the mix.